Tips How To Do Shoe Care

Footwear has the hardest job of any attire. Shoes travel between ground and your weight. To get maximum utility and to extend the life of the shoes, an appropriate shoe care is essential. Buying a new pair of shoes is just a beginning. You need to care for shoes to make it a long lasting item. It is good to protect your shoes from the water and dirt. For this purpose, you need to spray with the waterproof protector. It keeps the surface safe from getting tarnished if they are damp in the water. To the bottom of the shoes add half soles and taps. Some other important tips are given below.

  1.    Do not wash the shoes

Do you know that washing machine is the no go zone for all types of knit/canvas or mesh shoes? Never wash your shoes in the washing machine even in the gentle cycle. It damages the glue that binds the shoes. It is risky for the sole of the shoes.

  1.    No air harms the shoes

Do you keep your shoes in the plastic bag and in the shoe box? It is not good for your shoes. As human skin needs air to breath as shoes need air to look fresh and new for the long time? Do not put the shoes in the plastic bag and let the adequate air to flow inside the shoe box.

  1.    Over-wearing

If you wear single pair of shoes all the time then it may be harmful for your shoes health. It needs some rest and proper cleaning. This increases the efficiency of your shoes. Always wear shoes when your feet are dry. Wearing shoes with wet feet can destroy the sole. It needs to be more careful to get maximum utility.

  1.    Avoid stepping in dirt

Mud and dirt are the killers of the shoes. Do not walk carelessly in the water puddles, wet grass and mud. It makes your shoes untidy, weak and dirties. On the other hand, it decreases the lives of the shoes.

  1.    Wear slippers in the house

Do not wear shoes unnecessarily. If you are in the house keep your feet in peace and wear slippers. It is not good for the shoes life to over wear it.

You need to take care of the Shoes accessories like clips, broach or badges because these things add allure.


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